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Coming up with the Title is the hardest part.

I’ve decided that the hardest part of coming up with a blog entry is the Title.  I mean if I give it some hum drum title, then the post may come across as boring.  Please.  As if I would ever write anything that was boring (ha ha…just trying to be funny).  Seriously, I really do stress out about what the title of the entry will be…it all started when I was writing updates for our adoption blog.  I love reading other blogs with fun titles.  I want to have that snappy, eye catching, funny title.  I’m sure the most memorable post in the adoption blog was the one titled God, The Vietnamese Mail System, and a Hoochie Mama!  How’s that for a title!  I AM rather proud of it.   Okay, since it took me like two stinkin’ hours to figure out how to put the link in above, I’m going to call it quits for now.  I hope that my posts are interesting enough that you’ll check back in to read what I’ve got on my mind.

Oh Brother!

I was at bible study about three weeks ago and my cell phone rang.  It was my hubby.  My brother was in the emergency room.  He had been in the barn working on a tractor tire and the tire slipped somehow from the contraption that was holding it and fell on my brother.  He’s literally lucky to be alive.  The tire weighs around 2000 pounds.  Yes…2000 pounds.  The tire fell on the right side of his body and he was somehow able to push the tire off.  He was able to crawl to the house and have his wife call for help. 

 When we got to the hospital, he looked bad, but was awake and sort of coherent.  The nice nurses had given him plenty of morphine to help with his pain.  By the grace of God, he does not have any broken bones.  He has a place on his neck that was cut and looks to have like a “rug burn” that runs across his neck down to his shoulder.  Both hands are swollen, his back has scrapes and bruises all most over the entire back.  His right knee is killing him, but not broken.   I hope that he doesn’t have any type of ligament damage or torn muscles…but it sure wouldn’t surprise me.  I just thank God that he is alive to be in pain!